Sloane Virago: Author of Last Temptation

A decade ago, Sloane Virago moved to Taiwan to teach English. After a year apart, she realized that she couldn’t stay away from the love of her life any longer. She flew home on Valentine’s Day to surprise him, but the surprise was on her. He proposed that day, and they’ve been together ever since. Today, Sloane spends her time writing novels and hiking with her husband and son. Last Temptation is her debut novel.

Last Temptation is Sloane Virago’s debut novel under her own name. She has previously written dozens of books as a ghostwriter with several Amazon bestsellers. Be on the lookout for the next novel in the Trials of the Demiurge series, Temptation’s End.

“Maddest of all is to see the world as it is and not as it should be.”